All about Cam Girls


Why I love cam girls

Watching girls get naked and masturbate on cam is fucking awesome! I used to always watch porn, starting off going to a video store and buying VHS tapes, and later I built quite the collection of DVDs. Later on I started watching porn tube sites like RedTube, Pornhub and Xvideos, but I always liked the idea of making the girls do what I want in the video as I watched.

It didn’t take long for my dreams to come true as on came the advent of live sex cam sites! These included websites such as Adultwork which I’d used to see hookers a few times (don’t judge!), and xxXpanded who have girls on those TV Channels on British Television where they get naked and let you call in for phone sex. Other sites included LiveJasmin and Streamate. Anyway these websites are fucking great. You basically watch one of hundreds of girls and can then take them into a private chat where they will do pretty much anything you tell them to! I get them to roleplay different scenarios such as having them be a naughty schoolgirl, and being their teacher, making them spank themselves, and put different objects in their ass or pussy! I make them suck on different things, and make them say my name as they are doing the things I tell them to. I also get to jack off on my own webcam in front of them. It’s seriously exciting having different chicks get naked for you and watch you cum over them at an instant.

Anyway when one slut isn’t enough, some camwhores offer two girl shows where you can watch them do lesbian stuff together. I like watching them stick their tounges in each others pussies and start licking until all nice and wet and then take the biggest double ended dildo they have and fuck it together until they are up close on each other.

I’ve tried pretty much all the cam whore sites and they all have nice girls but I’ve found the hottest chicks are on Xpanded. Adultwork is cool too as a lot of those girls are hookers so you can go and meet them and fuck for real after you’ve had a cam show! Streamate and Live Jasmin have a lot of babes to choose from but a lot barely speak English so it’s harder to get them to do what you want.

I would suggest that anyone who likes to watch porn or fuck hookers gives cam whores a try. It’s so much better being able to interact with the girl, and when you just can’t be assed to go and travel to a hooker or wait for her to arrive, webcam sluts can seriously satisfy ones urges!